SurveyTime - Survey's Don't Have to be Eye-Sores.

Updated: Feb 26

I can't tell you how many surveys I've trudged through on unattractive templates; the kind of websites your grandfather would design if he knew what a computer was. Hideous reds and oranges, unresponsive drop down menus, the horror the horror....

Enter SurveyTime, a completely unique survey site, aesthetically pleasing, as responsive as an iPad, and actually fun to use.

On top of the overall enjoyable experience, I've done a few surveys through this platform, and the payouts are actually quite decent for the time I put into them. I get several emails a day offering me new surveys from SurveyTime, and more often than not I qualify.

Rewards are rewarded through a variety of offerings, Paypal and Amazon being the two most commonly used. Payments are swift and without a lot of requirements. I personally have made $40 bucks extra this month using this service, and hope to make much more in the future.

SurveyTime is definitely a site worth checking out, there is something to be said about surveys that are presented in such a way that they feel more like an activity than a chore.

Check them out here, sign up and start earning today!


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