Running Windows OS at Starbucks - While On your MAC

During my teen-angst years I railed hard against Starbucks. At the time, I was sure that anything so dominant and popular had to be inherently evil. But as I got older, I realized it's pretty damn nice to have somewhere that's always nearby, where you could work all day and charge your gear, without frequent interruptions from staff, and drink a giant cup of rocket fuel to motivate you, isn't all that terrible.

One thing I did still cling to was the annoyance of how everyone seemed to be using a Mac. I had nothing against the company or the computers personally, but the general sense that so much of it had to do with the "image" it presented. Surely the 77% of people who use Windows over Mac in this world also enjoyed coffee and relaxing music? So where were they? Windows was, and still is, how I actually get work done. But I'm not so naive to think that Windows is superior to Mac OS or vice versa. Both have their strong points, both can be used for just about anything, but the concept of having much of your identity dependent on what type of "user" you are, seemed absurd to me. Enter Parallels. A software company that offers a very dynamic solution to this conundrum. The software acts similar to a virtual machine, allowing Mac users to utilize Windows, without any of your fabulous peers knowing you're dipping your toes into enemy waters.

Now, the usual response from Mac users would be "But why would I want to use a clearly inferior OS when I have the all-mighty Mac OS installed?" To which I say this:

Anyone working in the IT industry or Tech in general should be proficient in as many operating systems they can be. There isn't a company out there that doesn't admire and respect an applicant that is both flexible and well-rounded.

Not only that, but with Parallels you can seamlessly run Mac OS apps simultaneously with Windows apps. There is some serious work-flow potential here...this gives you access to a universe of applications from both sides, and you could be a pioneer who figures out which Mac and Window apps combine in powerful ways. This is entirely new territory, and opens an entire market to designers who can augment mac apps with windows ones!

And do I even need to mention gaming? The one major issue with Mac since its conception? Parallels supports playing Window games on your mac, and even comes with directx 11. This is a game-changer. No more clunky virtual machine apps and reboots. It's no wonder the branding for Parallels is an open door, because it literally opens a door to a parallel dimension for you. Priced at 79.99, your Macbook can become even better than it already is. And besides, you might enjoy the amalgamation of the two interfaces. And I promise not to expose your deception in Starbucks: "Hey this guy is on Windows! Get him!"

Check out Parallels here.

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