How 1password Relieved me From My Password Stress

Stress is a constant factor in all of our lives. Even if you have somehow achieved enlightenment and spent the past ten years humming in a temple that overlooks the peaks of Tibet, one bee sting to the eyeball might just cause you to scream profanities at the sky.

Technology's sole purpose in our lives is to make them easier. We live in an error of instant messages, GPS, online banking, drivers who will pick you up at the touch of the button and you don't even have to bring your wallet, so why then does these same godsends often send us into a rage?

This problem seems more apparent in older people of the boomer age-group. They didn't grow up around computers, and have spent a great deal of time and energy trying to keep up with tech-savvy youth. That's not to say that us younger folk aren't prone to our own tech problems. Remember an old email and the password to go with it, only to realize you've resorted to guessing games is a huge time sink for most of the world.

I myself am so awful with remembering passwords that I started to just use the same one over and over, but even that strategy was deeply flawed. Some sites required new letters or numbers to be added, or refused me outright because the password had been "used before." After hundreds of these problems I began to think maybe relying solely on my memory for these various codes wasn't entirely necessary.

So I began some research. I tried RoboForm, but it seemed like a very advanced-user program, and really more than I personally needed, although I am aware that it's a very powerful application with tons of uses. I wanted something a little more for the average person with not much time to commit to it.


But then I came across 1password and decided to give it a shot. I came across the site pretty randomly, and saw they had a 30 day free trial, and it only cost $2.99 if I decided to keep using it. I compared that cost to the time I once had to get out of line in Starbucks after waiting 25 minutes so that I could reset the password to my rewards card, or the thousands of other times I got locked out of an account because of multiple failures in logging in, and decided it was worth the three measly bucks to get my life in order.

Once I signed up for the trial, I downloaded the .EXE for windows (I wanted to set up my desktop passwords first).

The install was easy enough. No major hangups. Although I will say the Desktop app isn't really what I was looking for. I had to go back to 1passwords website and install Chrome app. The desktop application seemed more about managing things, while the chrome app simply saved and autofilled passwords for me. What's really cool about the chrome app is that every password field online will now have a little i with a circle around it. You click the i button, and then login, and your password is saved. From then on, whenever you visit that site, 1password does all the work for you.

Right about now you're wondering if this is at all safe. Passwords do serve a purpose, and if you have a stellar memory you can get away with having many different password for many sites. But 1password does require a "master password" to be used to get it to function at all. This master password is an 18 digit code, of random numbers and letters. Nobody is guessing this password, but they might guess your dog's name with a 2 at the end of it. So in a way, its actually safer to have one impossible password than ten mediocre ones.

There are also autofill capabilities in 1password that I look forward to exploring in the future. Being in affiliate marketing, blogging, and making it a supreme goal of mine to spend less time on the minutia of life so that I can actually enjoy the time I have, I will definitely be delving deeper into this app.

If you're interested in trying the 30-day free trial for yourself, click here. I wish you all many easy logins in the future.


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