Going Rogue with DeleteMe

The grid is a great place to live. It's filled with instant gratifications for every urge, and privacy has become a forgotten relic of a time long lost.

A simple Google search dredges up the past all the way down to the ocean floor. For many, it's inconsequential that Mongocorp international seems to know about a tattoo of a penguin you got on your butt twenty five years ago, but to some (like myself) the idea that massive corporations are compiling exact details of every event in my life as more than a bit scandalous.

For one, it's a huge safety issue. Do you really want all the creepy crawlers out there having access to every address you've ever lived at? How about any criminal record of any family member from your Father to your distant cousin you've never met? All of it available to any lunatic that feels obliged to know these things and use it to hurt you in some way.

Most people have a much larger online footprint than they realize. Companies are massing this data to better sell to you, sure, but they are also selling it off to anyone who might want it for any other purpose, making huge profits off it. The bulk of this gathering of information is to better sell things to you. High-powered algorithms can evaluate this endless stream of information and have a better understanding of your own habits and behaviors than you do. As facial recognition software evolves and mutates, your family albums will become new commodities to be traded among strangers for a no-questions-asked gains. As these advertisements and marketing schemes bore deeper into your psyche, you are also stripped of a key element in your own humanity, the concept of "free-will."

Would you enjoy going to a restaurant, sitting down, and having a meal placed in front of you before ordering it, because a system that can process your own habits and tastes better than you can has decided that it's the dish you desire? It would be like living with your mom all over again. Perhaps in time they can just upload the flavor directly to your mouth via flavor injectors, with monthly subscription of course. This is the territory where convenience blurs with autonomy. At some point, having software make your decisions for you, based on empirical evidence, has to make you question if you are even entitled to this function at all.

"Here's that food we know you want."

I'm all for having some damn mystery to my life. For stumbling upon things entirely by the serendipity of my own choices. Maybe Emu farming is completely "irrelevant" to me because I grew up in a Urban area, or my search history shows little interest in the subject, but dammit my past doesn't dictate my future, and it shouldn't map out yours either. Living in a world with no bumps or turns, laid out before me from birth to death, holds zero appeal to me.

So how do you escape this Orwellian nightmare? Get the information out of their hands. All of them. None of it is doing you any favors.

DeleteMe does just that. It scours the internet and deletes any information the internet really doesn't deserve to have in the first place. It gets you off Google results wherever possible, forcing people to interact directly with you if they want to actually know about you. You can decide what they know, not some mindless server somewhere. With 10 Million people who have joined, it's no longer a service as it is a movement.

Go ahead, steal your identity back.

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